I am a better father when I am at my best.

I make myself strong, and kind, and gentle, and focused, and happy, so I can Be the Better Dad.

Being a better man gives a better life to myself, and a better father for my offspring.

To be the better dad, I will take care of myself.

Physical Fitness

I take care of my body

I tend my physical fitness

so I can play and provide with ample measure, and stay awake, alert, and energetic in a healthy body.

Financial Fitness

I take care of my wallet

I tend my financial fitness

so I can keep our pantry full of food, and furnish our home with what we need to live in comfort.

Emotional Fitness

I take the time to play

I tend my emotional fitness

so I can respond instead of react, and guide my children gently with a patient heart.

Social Fitness

I choose my words deliberately

I tend my social fitness

so I can speak without harm, and strengthen the bonds between those I love.

Mental Fitness

I watch my thoughts

I tend my mental fitness

so I can determine the right choice, and do what is best for my family.

I tend my Father Fitness, so I can Be the Better Dad.

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