Get Yourself In Shape

Learn The 25 Habits Of Father Fitness

Are you the Father your family deserves?

Sometimes, you are. And sometimes, you’re not.

Oftentimes the only difference is how fit you feel.

When you’ve got young kids, and a career, and a house, and a wife, they all need your attention, your time, and your energy. And there’s only so much of you to go around.

I know you can do a good job on most days – but if you’re feeling hungry, or tired, or stressed, or broke, then you’re much more likely to make the wrong choice in the heat of the moment, and to forget to enjoy this precious time that passes by so fast.

Every Dad takes better care of his family
when he’s taking care of himself.

The problem is we don’t have enough time to take care of everything.

When baby needs a new pair of shoes, or the gutter is broken, or there’s only one taco left and your kids are still hungry, it’s the right thing to put them first, and to do what’s best for them.

Good for you! Keep that up – for as long as you can.

Being a good dad will drain your reserves, reduce your willpower, and make you less of the man you are trying to be.

Over time, you can spend so much of your energy and resources taking care of your family, it can make you tired, and stressed, and hungry, and broke.

And that’s when you make bad decisions.

That’s when you aren’t acting like the Father that your family deserves.

We can do much better for our families, and stay calm and present through any late night tantrum, if we have been taking good care of ourselves. Your personal balance is the single greatest factor you control in maintaining the harmony of your home.

When you are feeling fit, you can handle stress.

You can handle difficulty.

You can Be the Better Dad for your kids.

If you actively work on your fitness.

For a Father, being physically fit is important, but it isn’t enough. You need to maintain your level of fitness in all 5 of these areas:

The Five Levels Of Father Fitness


“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”


Tony Robbins


“In life you can never be too kind or too fair; everyone you meet is carrying a heavy load. When you go through your day expressing kindness and courtesy to all you meet, you leave behind a feeling of warmth and good cheer, and you help alleviate the burdens everyone is struggling with.”


Brian Tracy


“The amazing thing is this: 90% of a woman’s emotional problems stem from feeling unloved. So don’t stand back and analyze her, like a doctor diagnosing a patient, or like a therapist questioning a client. Give her your love – the same love that is motivating your questioning – immediately and unmistakably. Walk over to her, look deeply into her eyes, hold her and stroke her, tell her how much you love her, smile, hum her favorite song and dance with her, and chances are, her emotional problem will evaporate. She may still have some situation to deal with, and you may be able to help her with that, but the emotional aspect will be converted to love.”


David Deida


“Don’t spend all of your money a quarter at a time. Save up and buy something special, something fine, something of lasting value, or something that will give you rich memories for a lifetime. Remember, all that candy money can add up to a small fortune.”


Jim Rohn



“I feel like everything in my life depends on physical conditioning. I love eating sweets and everything, but I think the quality of my parenting, the quality of my relationship with my wife – it is all based on being in great physical condition. I believe it’s the beginning of finding true happiness.”


Will Smith

What Father Fitness Does For You

When you are feeling strong, and loved, and understood, and sharp, and wealthy, you make better decisions. You enjoy your life more. There is more of you present for your family to know and love.

By improving your level of fitness in all 5 of these areas, you can prevent the bad decisions that make you regret, and become the solid rock that your family can depend on when times are tough.

That’s what they need you for, Dad. You’re the man of the house, you do the heavy lifting, you shoulder the greatest burdens, and when you are balanced and fit, your entire household can run smoothly.

If you want to work on your fitness, join the 5-Day Father Fitness Program.

What Is The Father Fitness Program?

Each of these 5 levels of fitness – Mental, Social, Emotional, Financial, and Physical Fitness – is important to your sanity, your balance, your health, and your family.

For every day of the 5-day Father Fitness Program, I will give you 5 habits to increase your level of fitness in one of these five areas.






Each day you will also receive a bunch of resources, links, and apps to use so that you can implement these habits easily and smoothly.

Finally, there is a journaling section of every level, where I ask you some tough questions, to help you discover what’s really holding you back, and what would move you forward.


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caelan-huntress-headshot-circleHi. My name is Caelan Huntress. I’m the father of 3 children and the creator of

When I was a young man, I ran away to join the circus as an acrobat. One of my teachers told me, “If you want to do this for a living, you no longer have the luxury to wait for the bus on two feet.”

Ever since then, I have spent every spare moment of time conditioning and training. Even after I left the circus to adventure into the jungles of corporate America (boy, was that ever weird), I kept this habit of continual improvement in tiny pockets of time.

This has given me an arsenal of small habits that can increase productivity, lower stress, build muscle, and make people happy. The 25 habits most relevant for Fathers make up the core of the Father Fitness program.