Wearing the Father Fitness T-Shirt has a positive impact on my parenting skills.

When I put this shirt on my chest, it feels like I’m suiting up in my superhero costume.

(Yes, I happen to know a thing or two about suiting up in my superhero costume.)

When it’s Daddy Time, my children look to me to set the pace, the mood, and the activities for  a number of hours. It helps to step into a costume that declares, “I am doing my best.”

Fatherhood T Shirt To The Rescue!

The last time this shirt saved me, I was in a parking lot, and my kids were all screaming. My wife was elsewhere, taking a much-needed evening off, and I had a big mess on my hands.

Our plan for the evening failed spectacularly. We had planned to go to the toy aisle of a nearby store, and the four-year-old fell asleep on the way. After I negotiated a different plan with the big kids, to go to the arcade instead (somewhere the little one wasn’t yet allowed to go), I stopped in the parking lot, and just then the youngest woke up screaming. This derailed the big kids’ plans, and everyone was loud and unhappy.

Stressed, frustrated, and out of options, I banged on the steering wheel. I was ready to join in the screaming, too.

Head bowed, my lips parted, and I saw this shirt on my chest. I remembered my commitment, to Be the Better Dad.


Wearing this shirt reminds me to step up my game.

I took a deep breath, and began the calm, patient work of untangling everyone’s frustrations, by setting aside my own.

The man wearing this T-shirt wouldn’t scream and yell and throw a tantrum with his kids. This is the shirt of a man who can handle the worst moods of his own children, and remain calm and present.

That’s what I told myself, and it worked.

After fifteen minutes of gentle, calming words, I finally got the cries to subside, and we made a new plan that worked for everyone. All the kids got quiet, and we went to the toy aisle together, with a date for the arcade planned for the morrow.

This is my costume for being a great dad, and by wearing it, I can respond intentionally during times of stress.

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