25 03, 2016

How to Make a Treasure Hunt at the Playground

Easter Egg Treasure Hunts can be done any time of the year. Making a scavenger hunt at the playground is one of my kids' all-time favorite activities to do with dad. All it takes is a little planning, a little drawing, and a buck or two for prizes. (Or candy, if you go that way.) To set up a scavenger hunt at the playground, the [...]

24 02, 2016

5 Great Movies For Kids Under 5 Years Old

Good movies are a treasure to find. A movie that will keep a child entertained, without zoning them out into a mental oblivion, is like finding a wonderful new friend. You invite your favorite stories into your home regularly, because they always bring laughter and happiness, without being scary or confusing. Finding a good movie that will keep a toddler engaged, and still not scare [...]