10 04, 2016

30 Ways To Balance Work, Life, and Play

Tell me if this sounds familiar. After a hard day's work, you get home late in the evening. It's past bedtime, but you've had a really successful day. Your boss is proud of you, but your wife is pissed. Working hard at your job has cost you at home, so now it's time to make it up to your partner. What can you do? Spend extra time with [...]

30 01, 2016

The Only Question To Ask When Times are Tough

Bedtime was a catastrophe. Both of my sons were crying. My wife had spent most of the day sick and vomiting, and she was still trying to console our screaming boys. I fell into bed, exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to hear was a crash coming from the bathroom. My daughter is the oldest and (I hoped) the most likely child to be capable of going into [...]