Every time you see a gif on this website, I will donate a penny to charity.


Congratulations! You just donated one penny to [charity].

I host these gifs on my own servers, so I’m not taking anyone’s bandwidth. Every month I keep count of how many times these images have been called, and I donate that number * $0.01 and make a monthly donation to this great charitable organization.

The rest of the gifs on this website are hidden.

It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Here’s a hint: all of the other gifs are hidden behind surveys.

Periodically, you’ll see a big question, that looks like this:




Fill it out and answer the survey questions and you’ll get a penny for your thoughts, donated to [charity].

Most of the surveys are only a couple of questions long. I spread my questions out over multiple surveys, so if you’re in a generous mood and want to share lots of your hard-won fatherly advice, you can answer a bunch of surveys quickly.

There’s a bundle in the Father Fitness Assessment – at least 25, if you’ve a mind to complete the whole thing.

Get crackin.

** note – if you own copyright on a gif I’ve been showing, kindly contact me for a fix.