father-fitness-logo_finalThe Five Levels of Father Fitness

Based on Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, the Father Fitness¬†Assessment measures your fitness in 5 areas of your life:

  • Mental fitness
  • Social fitness
  • Emotional fitness
  • Financial fitness
  • Physical fitness

When the needs of the lower levels are not met, they will overwhelm your ability to access (or improve) the higher levels. If you’ve got crippling pain in your stomach, it won’t matter to you if your words are hurtful or not.Without physical fitness, your mental fitness and emotional fitness will always suffer. When you’re six days overdue on the rent, it’s not a good time to work on breaking bad habits.¬†It doesn’t matter how financially fit you are, if you get so sick you can’t work or provide for your family, all the other levels of fitness are at risk.

[img: pyramid]

Your physical fitness is the base of all your other types of fitness. Once you are physically fit, you can work on your financial fitness, your emotional fitness, your social fitness, and finally, the keystone in the arch of your family, the mental fitness of a father can keep everything aligned.


How Fit Are You Now?

Your fitness levels in each area will help inform your priorities, and possibly uncover the sources of your outbursts, your frustrations, all the dangerous conditions that leave you with no inner resources to do the right thing in a moment of difficulty.

That’s what Father Fitness is all about: steeling you with the reserves you need to make the right decision when times are tough. To be the better dad, no matter what the circumstances are.


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